Fairbet7.com Terms and Conditions

Fairbet7.com is a certified online betting site. This page outlines our terms and conditions alongside the privacy policy. Those who want to engage in online casino games and betting must accept these rules to continue using this website. 

Rules for Games

The online sports betting games on Fairbet7 include risks of losing money. Therefore, players are requested to play mindfully and place bets according to their risk tolerance. 

Fairbet7.com Terms for Accounts

Fairbet7 website allows for the creation of only one account per user. One user can not create multiple accounts on our website. This rule is set in effect to maintain the integrity of our online betting website. 

Use Data and Privacy at Fairbet7.com

To validate each user’s account, we need to collect the participants’ data. The users have to give:

  • Personal Phone Number
  • Working email address
  • ID details (PAN and Aadhar)
  • Bank details 
  • Online transaction account details
  • Name and Address
  • Date of Birth
These details will be used to process the account creation and validation. To ensure the safety of user data, Fairbet7 app and website want to clarify that none of these submitted details will be used for other purposes. We do not exploit data for any money-making efforts, which may include selling data to third parties. 

Age Prerequisite For Accessing Fairbet7.com

To be eligible to create an online betting ID to play at www.Fairbet7.com, users have to be 18+ years old. We do not entertain underaged users who need access to our platform. 



We use cookies to offer a seamless experience during your playing sessions. These cookies will collect your browser’s information and IP address to offer a personalised experience. These cookies will collect data from your device, but rest assured the collected data will not be used for any other purposes. If you do not accept the cookies, you may not take full advantage of our platform’s features. 

Security Assurance

The website of Fairbet7 exchange is developed by expert web designers and they have made sure that the platform has all security protocols. From SSL certifications to encrypted transaction portals- we aim to bring assurance to our users that they can access the website without worrying about cyber attacks. Our website is fully secure and offers features to make online betting a pleasant experience. 

By accepting these terms and conditions, players at Fairbet 7.com can complete their sign-up process and create an online betting ID. This opens the door for using various features while indulging in online casino fun. For further clarification, you can reach out to our customer care team anytime, and they will offer prompt resolutions for all queries. 

Sign up today and explore the vast array of online casino games, and betting options and claim mind-blowing bonuses. We promote safe betting while also keeping our users conscious of the downsides of addictive indulgence. Put your faith in us and we will deliver unlimited fun through our interactive gaming platform which is 100% secure and user-friendly. Keep playing and winning!